Disorganization-A cause

I am opposed,to a certain degree. to organized religions, unions (be it teachers or plumbers,etc.), political parties, PAC’s, gangs, cartels, armies, etc.. I guess I am disorganized. I think there is a message, namely whenever a group elects a spokesman they should always insist on a term limit, preferably a short one. This merely speaks to the very real tendency for people to “elect” a spokesman during times of distress. Times change but the spokesman frequently does not. This does not even begin to address the influence of special interests on the governing bodies of these various institutions. Think, President, Congressman, Pope, Union Leaders, Generals, etc.. Now I don’t really believe that the vast array of organizations should necessarily be required to have term limits on their respective leaders. However, I think the question should be addressed on a case by case basis. I think for example that the life term appointments of our Supreme Court Justices is a good thing. Given that the congressional approval process is usually difficult then I think sheltering the Justices from any further political influence is probably good. However, given the time and money spent on Presidential elections I would like to see some serious consideration given to a single 6 year term. This would clearly isolate the political machinery from the post-election governing process. Some serious discussion of term limits for the Congress is also probably worthwhile although I think the value of seniority is a worthy consideration. All I know for sure is that in the interest of Moderation and Reason something needs to be done.


2 responses to “Disorganization-A cause”

  1. Robin Taylor Delargy says :

    While Neal was in Argentina he learned that the President is elected for a single four-year term – no re-election. A former President can run for another non-consecutive term, although I guess it’s never happened.

    I think a single six-year term has a lot of merit.

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