Faith and Gullibility

A moderate view of the faith-based community would conclude that they are gullible. They are asked to believe in doctrine and tenets based on faith with no evidence of truth other than “Scriptures”. I contend that is the definition of Gullible. Now gullible is not “bad” it certainly does not have a connotation of bad or evil. However I sense from the limited conversations I have had with members of the clergy that they would consider gullible to be a derogatory description. Gullible is commonly viewed as nearly synonymous with credulous which in fact is the acceptance of unsupported statements but without acting upon them. Gullibility implies an action taken on unfounded statements. This would imply that person of faith that follow the Scriptures are in fact gullible. This is not meant to imply that being a person of faith does not provide comfort, solace and companionship. However in the interest of moderation and reason it does imply that there should be room among the various religions to tolerate those who do not believe that the Scriptures are in fact the “word of God”. Judging by the words and actions of a variety of religions, I hesitate to say all, this is not the case world=wide. Now some would argue that my statement that the belief in the Scriptures is gullible because there is no compelling evidence for at least some of the so-called facts within the Bible and Koran, etc.. I contend that the Adam and Eve hypothesis in Genesis and the Great Flood and Noah are two compelling cases where there was considerable artistic licence by whomever originated these tales. Now there are some obvious reasons for following the general principals in the various Scriptures: social order, common sense and overcoming the fear of the unknown being some of the more prevalent. This does not explain the acts in the name of religion which essentially violates all the teachings within the Scriptures including, war, genocide, hate-mongering and plain old intolerance. I contend that moderation and reason are not foremost in the more vocal and active elements of your leading (more populous) religions, although I tend to believe that the less vocal elements are in the majority. I would only hope that they could become more vocal and actively support an agenda of tolerance.


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4 responses to “Faith and Gullibility”

  1. Brittany says :

    Nice post, your eminence! 🙂 However, I’m having a hard time understanding what you believe to be true. Do you think that there is a God/some higher power that we (Christians) don’t understand properly? Meaning: A higher being exists but the stories that we are told about that being do not exist and we just believe them because people/things (ie., Bible, Koran, pastors, priests) tell us to believe them? Or do you believe that we are being gullible to religion as a whole and there is no higher power whatsoever?

    • gordontaylor590 says :

      What I believe is not important rather it is what you believe that is important. Let me share an experience with you. Go outside on a clear night and look up at the stars. Ask yourself, is the universe finite or infinite, expanding, collapsing or stagnant? Regardless of the answer, which you probably don’t have, there must be room for a higher power that we don’t understand. If the universe is finite then what is beyond its boundaries, nothing? That is no easier to comprehend than an infinite universe. As far as collapsing or expanding there is evidence to support the expansion and the Big Bang Theory (no not the TV show) but that doesn’t change anything relative to the existence of some supreme entity. Remember that my only point is that any religion, political party, labor union or organization for the benefit of a group should profess tolerance of opposing or conflicting views. Moderation and reason should prevail.

  2. Karl Taylor says :

    Not to get too deep into my view of your views, but, while reason and moderation are fine tendencies when taken in moderation, I will always prefer moderated reason to reasoned moderation. Of course that’s just my opinion…

    Oh, btw, you are very likely going to hell for you your views.:)

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